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Antwerp BE 2012

About Antwerp

Here is a map

Katoen Natie HeadquARTers is situated in Van Aerdtstraat, 33. This is in the northern part of the city, just east of Italielei and just south of Park Spoor Noord.

The restaurant for the Gala Diner is in the Venusstraat, the practically N-S street connecting Klapdorp - Paardenmarkt and Kipdorp.

The Fashion Museum (Mode Museum, MoMu) is in the Nationalestraat, just south of Groenplaats which is near the Cathedral.

Antwerp Central Station is situated just next to Antwerp ZOO, and not far from the Stadspark which is in the middle of the city. Direct coaches (Airport Express) from Brussels Airport arrive in De Keyserlei, just in front of the Central Station.
Alternatively, from Brussels airport: in the station underground there is, every half hour, a train connection to Antwerp Central Station (one direct, and one with a changeover in Mechelen).

Antwerp International Airport is situated on the outside, South-east of the city. Line-busses take you to the bus station at Rooseveltplaats, next to the Opera and the Frankrijklei. There you can take line bus 14 to Rooseveltplaats at Italielei.

The language spoken in Antwerp, which is in the Flemish part of Belgium, is Dutch, but a working knowledge of English and French is rather general.

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